MPHS Online Learning Plan – REVISED

After additional direction provided by the District, MPHS has revised the online learning plan. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

This week, teachers will become more familiar with the digital platform and ensure supplementary learning opportunities will be provisioned for students beginning March 23.

The district has requested that all teachers have 3rd quarter grades entered/updated by the end of the day on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Information regarding midterms will be forthcoming from the district. If any student has outstanding 3rd quarter assignments, he/she should email his/her respective teacher to submit that work.<

Beginning Monday, March 23rd through Friday, March 30th, teachers will engage with students in supplemental learning opportunities. Teachers will also check-in with students once per week via phone, email, and/or digital chat features. No grades will be awarded for supplemental work nor can students be held accountable for failure to complete.

Supplemental learning opportunities will be posted in Canvas and/or a link to the classroom location/learning opportunities will be provided on the teacher’s Canvas page.Teachers wishing to host “meetings” with students remotely as a “weekly” check-in will be encouraged to do so according to the A-day / B-day and block schedule provided.




Below are digital tools that teachers/students may use regularly on any normal school day, but can also be used for distance learning.

  1. Download the Sora app or access through
  2. Click Find My School and then Login with NCEdCloud
  3. Once logged in you’re all set to find great books!
  4. You can also add additional libraries! Make sure to add the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library and the NC Kids Digital Library.

How Students Access NCEd Cloud PowerSchool, Canvas, SchoolNet, Course Registration

Step 1: Enter directly into the address bar (use Chrome or Firefox)

  • Do not Google the site
  • Do not Bookmark the site
  • Do not use a shortcut

Step 2: Enter username (student ID number)
Enter student-created password
Click Go or
When a digital tool is selected by clicking Access Now, students will use the below info to gain access.
Login: CMS Student ID
Pin: 4 digit birth year