In-Person Learning for Students

Students in GROUP A will to return to campus on Monday, February 22.

All students must complete the Symptoms Screener Questionnaire before coming to campus.  Please have the green check ready to show a screener upon arrival to campus, along with your mask on, and prepared for a contactless temperature check.  Know your rotation week and only attend school if it is your week.

Bus Riders:

  • Wear your mask to the bus stop.
  • Complete the Symptoms Screener each morning before going to the bus stop and be prepared to show it to a staff member before leaving the bus.
  • Students who will be riding a bus to campus should complete and print out a copy of the CMS attestation form and give it to the driver the first day they ride each week.
  • Attestation forms are available here and in the main office.  If you need transportation, please request it here.
  • After being screened you may exit the bus and go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to your Homeroom/Advisory class.

Students that Walk Onto Campus:

  • Students that walk onto campus will be screened as they enter campus using the Screening Stations at all 3 entrances – Front Circle, Mustang Way Back Lot, or Mustang Way Stadium Lot.
  • Please put on your mask before walking onto campus and have your Symptoms Screener green check ready to show a screener who will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer.

Senior Drivers:

  • Seniors only will be able to park on campus during 2nd semester.
  • Seniors that wish to park on campus must complete this form and review the Senior Parking Agreement.
  • Access is through the Runnymede entrance only and student parking is only in the West Lot.
  • Follow staff instructions on parking.  There are not assigned spots.
  • Complete the symptoms screener before driving to school.
  • Have the green check ready, and have your mask on as you enter the Runnymede entrance to campus.
  • Student Parking Information.  Please complete the Google Form linked in the document.
  • After parking you may go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to your Homeroom/Advisory class.

Arrival Carpool:

  • Arrival carpool will run through the tennis court entrance off Colony Road with students following staff instruction for temperature screening.
  • Complete the Symptoms Screener before entering campus.
  • Have the green check ready, and your mask on as you enter campus between the tennis courts and stadium.
  • After being screened you may exit the car and go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to your Homeroom/Advisory class.

Dismissal Carpool:

  • Dismissal carpool will occur in both the Gym Lot (Tennis Court Colony entrance) and the West Lot (Runnymede entrance).
  • If your student has 4th block in the mobile classrooms, LA, SET, or Visual Arts building it is encouraged for you to pick them up between LA and SET using the Runnymede entrance.
  • At dismissal and while waiting for your ride, students must continue to maintain social distancing and wear a mask until they are in the car.

NO 1st Block Class:

  • Late arrival due to no 1st block class, please attend SEL/Advisory Remotely.
  • Please notify the SEL/Advisory teacher that you are late daily.
  • Security will open the Runnymede gate after 1st block and take the contactless temperature of Senior drivers at the Runnymede gate.
  • Underclassmen late arrival screening will occur in the Main Office.
  • Please have your green check ready and mask on.

Please reach out to Assistant Principal Tyson Jeffus with questions.